Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enjoy Mozilla Firefox using best shortcuts keys

In Mozilla Firefox, you can use the combination of different keyboard keys to accomplish your routine task. With shortcut keys, you can speed up your surfing without lifting your hands from the keys; otherwise require a conventional mouse to select menus and buttons options. Basically keyboard shortcuts keys help you to save time and you can perform any tasks without leaving the keyboard keys.

Useful Mozilla Firefox shortcuts keys

Shortcut keys              Action

CTRL+A          Selects the all items on active page

CTRL+B          Display the "Organize Bookmarks" dialog box

CTRL+D          Include the active page to your Bookmarks list

CTRL+F          Display the "Find" dialog box to search text

CTRL+I          Display the Bookmarks pane

CTRL+H          Display the History sidebar of Mozilla Firefox

CTRL+N          Use to open new Mozilla Firefox page

CTRL+P          Use to print the active web page

CTRL+R          Use to reload the active web page

CTRL+T          Display a new Tab in active Firefox window

CTRL+U          View the source code of active web page

CTRL+W         Closes the active Mozilla Firefox window

CTRL++          Use to increase the font size of active page

CTRL+ -          Use to decrease the font size of active page

CTRL+           Tab Move to next Tab in Mozilla Firefox

ALT+Home      Use to open the home page of internet explorer

ALT+Left Arrow    Go to previous page of active page

ALT+Right Arrow  Go to next page of active page

ALT+B                Go to Mozilla Firefox Favorites Menu

ALT+D                Go to address bar of current Firefox page

ALT+E                Go to Mozilla Firefox Edit Menu

ALT+F                Go to Mozilla Firefox File Menu

ALT+S                Go to Mozilla Firefox History Menu

ALT+T                Go to Mozilla Firefox Tools Menu

ALT+V                Go to Mozilla Firefox View Menu

Tab                    Move forward between all items on active web page

F5                      Refresh the active web page

F7                      F7 activate the cursor to move with keyboard

CTRL+SHIFT+DEL  Use to clear all Private Data history

CTRL+SHIFT+D     Use to Bookmarks all Firefox Tabs 

F11                     Press F11 key to view any webpage in full-screen view and then again press for normal view.

Press Ctrl+Enter   Windows will automatically add both "www" and ".com". For example, if we type


in an address bar and then press Ctrl-Enter, Windows will take us to the

Press Shift+Enter   Windows will automatically add both "www" and ".net"Press Ctrl+Shift+Enter    Windows will automatically add both "www" and ".org"

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