Saturday, February 5, 2011

Safety tips for using Wi-Fi

If you have a laptop computer with wireless connectivity, you can access the Internet using Wi-Fi, or wireless networks, often in public places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other spaces.
Here are four quick tips to enjoy the convenience of public Wi-Fi and help to protect your privacy.

1. Use a firewall

If your computer uses Windows Vista or Windows XP and you've installed Service Pack 2, you have a built-in firewall that's turned on by default.
You can configure Windows Firewall to provide better protection when you're using a public wireless network.

2. Hide your files

When you use public Wi-Fi, network encryption is often out of your control.
Check the privacy statement on the network's Web site to learn about the type of encryption they use. (If they don't have a privacy statement, you'd be better off not using the network.)
If you keep personal or financial information on your computer, consider investing in an operating system, such as Windows Vista, that includes the tools to protect your information through encryption.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Protect Your Cell Phone from Bluetooth Hacking

Bluetooth is one of most used data transfer technologies in Bluetooth enabled cell phones and other devices like computers. It makes it very easy to transfer data from a cell phone to another cell phone or from cell phone to your computer and vice-versa. Since all the data transfer technologies have some cons, even Bluetooth hacking is also widely prevalent throughout the world.
Bluetooth hacking gives the hacker the access to sensitive information such as messages, emails, contact numbers, media files like audios, videos and photos, make phone calls and send text messages, etc.
Here are some easy to know tips to make sure that you do not become a victim of Bluetooth hacking:
  • Bluetooth hacking can only be done when your cell phone’s Bluetooth is switched on. Hence, keeping the cell phone in the undiscoverable mode or hidden mode is the best way to avoid Bluetooth hacks.